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Australasia – the Pulmonary Fibrosis trial ready destination

Why Australia and New Zealand?

  • A close-knit network of very experienced PF investigators united through PACT.
  • A proven track record of outstanding recruitment to the world’s largest PF clinical trials.
  • Unsurpassed network of Interstitial Lung Disease Multi-Disciplinary Meetings with standardised diagnostic algorithms, click here.
  • Australia’s Research and Development Tax Credit Scheme, click here.
  • Australia’s clinical trial notification scheme streamlines early phase drug development, click here.
  • Multi-site HREC/IRB approvals processes, find out more via NHMRC or Bellberry.

Get involved

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Australasian Clinical Trials (PACT) Network is seeking partners who have an interest in advancing treatment and care for people diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Our expertise and established relationships means we are well placed to facilitate purposeful contact between investigators, clinicians and patients. Utilising the PACT Network as the vehicle, you will have access to investigators, sites and patient groups for ongoing clinical research in pulmonary fibrosis. To find out more about partnering with PACT, contact us on

Investigator contact

The PACT Network Steering Committee can provide access to and interaction with leading pulmonary fibrosis researchers and clinicians in Australasia. To find out more about Pulmonary Fibrosis trial ready sites email us at

Clinical trial development

The PACT Network is committed to promoting high quality pulmonary fibrosis research. Contact us on to see how we can assist you with your planned or active pulmonary fibrosis clinical trial.

Clinical trial endorsement

To find out more about how to apply to have your trial endorsed by PACT consult our endorsement policy and contact us on